Ketan K. Joshi, M.H.S., M.Ac., L.Ac., H.H.C., is a licensed and certified acupuncturist trained in the United States at the Tai Sophia Institute for the Healing Arts. She maintained a Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture clinical practice and part-time teaching role in Maryland until 2007, when she moved to Nairobi, Kenya. She now has a Chinese Medicine practice in Nairobi, Kenya. She is licensed in the State of Maryland and has received the authority to practice Acupuncture in Kenya, by the Ministry of Health.

Ketan is affiliated with the Maryland Acupuncture Society, the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association and has worked with individuals of all age groups and health conditions using acupuncture to help them return to wellness and improved health. She has also trained at Institute for Integrated Nutritional Therapy and is a health/nutrition counselor, helping individuals improve their relationship with food.

Ketan is also a Qi Gong instructor, teaching classes in various settings to bring this therapeutic and artful meditative healing art to the community at large.

In her Chinese Medicine practice, Ketan uses three fundamental aspects of Chinese Medicine to help her clients return to wellness and health:

Ketan currently practices from sites in Westlands, Gigiri & Karen.


Welcome to the Acupuncture Traditions Studio. Below are our offerings. We look forward to bringing you new possibilities for health and wellness.


The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes acupuncture’s effectiveness in treating many Western health conditions. Ketan has also supported individuals with the following conditions:

Depression Pain Addictions Cravings Stress Chronic fatigue Digestive issues Anxiety/Phobias Joint conditions Headaches Sleep issues Grief Eating disorders Allergies Immune suppression Uro-genital issues High blood pressure Violence/Anger issues Emotional & psychological disorders Infertility Cold/Flu Aches & pains Cardiovascular conditions Excessive weight gain/loss Miscarriage prevention Post-partum health issues Chronic pain Severe emotional trauma Insufficient breast milk production Skin rashes/lesions Candida Menstrual disorders Along w/ physiotherapy Arthritic conditions And so much more...

Integrated Nutritional Therapy

Whole foods that are carefully prepared and mindfully consumed are essential for life and health. Designing a diet that integrates foods that are appropriate for your body type, health condition and season/time of year is fundamental to Chinese Medicine. Certain foods will be eliminated from your diet and new foods will introduced. Customized weight loss/gain programs will also be prescribed when appropriate.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong describes any ancient Chinese exercise forms that combine gentle movement and deep breathing to activate the ‘Qi’ in your Body. Qi Gong, like acupuncture, helps Qi flow better throughout the body. You will have the opportunity to learn short Qi Gong forms and incorporate this into your daily routine.

Special Classes & Offerings

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